1. Two to Tango is a conversation with someone chosen by the editors, with the aim of interrogating, directly and honestly,
the core processes of creation. The meaning of this idiomatic phrase, which originated in the song Takes Two to Tango, written and composed in 1952 by Al Hoffman and Dick Manning, is that certain activities require a partner and cannot be performed alone.

2. Angus Cameron has a diverse intellectual and professional background in journalism, international relations, geography, art history, and political economy. He lectures at the University of Leicester.

3. Michael Dean is a British artist based in London whose works have featured in exhibitions such as Our Daily Permanence at Nomas Foundation in Rome, Face at Supportico Lopez in Berlin, Symmetry of Intimacy at Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle Upon Tyne and Blindsides (with Becky Beasley) at Laura Bartlett Gallery in London.

4. Andreas Osterwalder is a Professor in Physical Chemistry who is interested in the most fundamental aspects of chemical reactions. One particular question is how the dynamics of chemical reactions change if the temperature is reduced as close as possible to absolute zero. He teaches at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland.

5. Céline Condorelli is an artist who trained as an architect and whose practice is concerned with architecture as an interface for combinations of spatial, urban, political and social structures. She is one half of Support Structures, an evolving collaborative project with artist-curator Gavin Wade, and the author of a book of the same name.

6. Mark Geffriaud is a French artist who has exhibited regularly with Benoît Maire and who briefly shared a studio with him. Questions of disappearance and emptiness inform his work, which plays repeatedly with key elements such as books or light.

7. Emma Davie is a documentary filmmaker and Programme Director of Film & Television at Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh.

8. Antanas Mockus is a mathematician, philosopher, educator, and politician. A former president of the Universidad Nacional de Colombia (1991–1993), two-term mayor of Bogotá (1995–1997; 2000–2003), and three-time candidate in the Colombian presidential elections (1998; 2006; 2010), he currently presides over a non-profit organization called Corpovisionarios, which “investigates, advises, designs and implements actions to achieve voluntary changes in collective behaviour”.

9. Florence Peake is a British dancer, choreographer and artist based in London. Her performances combine drawing, painting, and sculpture elements with found, appropriated, and fabricated objects in relation to the moving body.

10. John Hilliard is an English artist. As a sculpture student at St Martin’s School of Art, he was exposed to a new pedagogy that favoured the idea over the object. He lives and works in London, where he is Professor at the Slade School of Fine Art.

11. Rivane Neuenschwander is a Brazilian conceptual artist based in London who works with painting, photography, film, sculpture, installation and participatory actions. Her work tends to explore language, nature, the passing of time and the role of chance, control and collaboration.

12. Will Holder is a British writer and graphic designer currently living in London. His publishing work explores the interchangeability of the designer’s role as an editor, a publisher, a writer or a performer and the translation of the spoken word into the printed form. He is the founding editor of FR David, a critical art journal published by De Appel in Amsterdam.